BIANCA una rivoluzione

You start make a revolution if you know what has happened before you, what you are and what you want.
The exploration points to the essence.
The poetic inspiration of this new collection is PERSEPOLIS, a graphic novel by Marjane Satrapi, the first autobiographical comic book about the Iranian history, the saga of a family that lives in Tehran between 1960 and 1990. 
From human being to human being nothing in the world should leave us indifferent but the violation of human rights, freedom of thought and repression should shake and move each one of us.

Our tribute is very small, a drop, but millions of drops could make a storm.
The most poetic and strong image that we got from this graphic novel is the memory that Marjane will always have of her grandmother’s bosom, perfumed with jasmine because of the flowers she used to put on her chest. That perfume of jasmine is the element that releases and will for ever unleash memories, the memories of eternal love, the link with the past that gives the strength to find oneself and build a new future.
The collection, made of classic fabrics, as douchesse, brocade, and lace, is rich with florals elements and is not aiming for transgression, but for simplicity and directness, affirmation of the self, freedom of expression according to the heart’s impulse.



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