The atelier is an innovative phenomenon in the bridal sector, with a strong personality. Albeit proposed in myriad styles, materials and shapes, Poesie Sposa dresses have very recognisable stylistic traits: lines, fabrics and details are balanced to create a distinct identity that shuns the conventional, with a contemporary and everlasting style.

Each made-to-measure dress is an haute couture creation, made by giving free rein to the imagination and creativity with exquisite craftsmanship, the use of precious materials and surprising combinations of details. Poesie Sposa also has an archive of models dating back to 1997 which clients can explore in their search for inspiration. The result is always something new and unique.

Raw and untreated fabrics, like cotton, linen and gauze in natural shades, alternate with other more precious materials like French lace, organza, silk shantung and mikado to create a delicate, unadulterated beauty.

One of the preliminary steps is the “ritual” of having measurements taken, a series of gestures handed down through the years that are unique to the work of tailors and dressmakers. Measurements are taken in order to produce a sewing pattern to the exact physical characteristics. But in all these gestures, one appointment after another, a strong alliance will form between you and the person stitching your dress to fit your figure perfectly. You will be surprised to find your emotions and personality expressed as an image when you admire the end result in the mirror.

"Because true luxury should express itself in opposition to series production, to conformism, to all that is standardised and iterated"